Repair and refitting

Alongside the construction of new boats, Luetje-Yachts also carries out extensive repairs and refitting work.

This includes wood and GRP work, painting and varnishing, and any other component including electrics, engines, rig or hydraulics.

Teak decks

Teak decks are a speciality at Luetje-Yachts. Using select panels and high-quality joining compounds, we craft beautiful and durable decks. With decades of experience in building and servicing teak decks, we know when it can still be refurbished rather than completely renewed.

When we assess the state of your deck, we thus ask: How is it built? How much of the wear layer remains? Is it worth to recondition the joints? How strong is the joining compound? How tight are the screws? We can then show you the most cost effective way of returning your boat to optimal condition.


Your boat’s interior has seen better days and you are thinking of refurbishing the cabin? Together, we will find a solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and of convincing craftsmanship.

You own the body of a bare hull and deck and want to have it furnished with a beautiful and durable interior? Our team will build a custom-made interior according to your specifications. Whether you prefer a classically elegant style or a more modern ambience, we have the experience to turn your ideas into reality. Of course, you can also consider the interiors of our new builds for inspiration.

As is customary at Luetje-Yachts, we take the time to consult with you at every step of the way to make sure that your boat will be fitted with the interior of your dreams.

Insurance and collision damage

The repair of collision damage has become an important part of our day-to-day work routine. Somebody crashed into your boat, damaging the hull or the foot rail? The rigging has broken something on board? Does the floor-timber have to be refitted after the boat touched ground? Was there a fire in the engine room? These examples show some of the repair work we have carried out to our customers’ satisfaction.

Our work on your boat starts with an assessment of the damage and a realistic quote for the cost of the repair. We then proceed in close consultation with you or the insurance assessor to get your boat back in shape and into the water as soon as possible.

Painting and varnishing

Are you considering repainting the hull of your boat? Does the varnish need professional attention? Thanks to our extensive experience in painting customers’ boats as well as our own new builds, Luetje-Yachts can be relied on for a perfect finishing.

Keel and rudder

Did your boat touch ground? We will assess the damage to the appendages as well as their suspension and carry out any necessary repairs to the keel, rudder or rudder bearings. Our professional and thorough repairs mean you can rest assured that your boat has regained its seaworthiness. Please contact us for a carefull review and evaluation of the possibilities.


Whether we install a new engine and its components or carry out a refurbishment, we have accumulated a lot of experience on engine work over the years. This includes retrofitting bow thrusters, both as an integral part of the hull or as a retractable system. We are happy to meet for a consultation and find a cost-effective solution for your requirements.