Tender newbuilds, refit and alteration

Whether you are looking for a newly built tender or are planning a cosmetic or technical refit of your boat, you will find a dedicated team of craftspeople at Lütje-Yachts. We take pride in our tradition of building technically advanced motor yachts since 1956 and draw on our in-house expertise as well outside specialists. Yard owner Jan Böhm is looking forward to welcoming you at the shore of the Elbe for your next tender project.

We are easily accessible from the centre of Hamburg and you can bring your tender either afloat or via truck or trailer.

Alongside our tender new builds, Lütje has in recent years delivered a whole range of advanced motor yachts. This includes the high-speed powerboat Feara 47, the 50-foot Georgia, and our Classic Coaster Range. We even modified a new boat not built by us as a tender for a mega yacht.

At Lütje we believe that properly designed and installed equipment is essential for reliable seafaring. The combination of meticulous craftsmanship, customer orientation and a commitment to delivering on schedule is increasingly drawing very large yachts to the German coast for a refit or alteration. While the mothership is in the yard, Lütje-Yachts offers an ideal opportunity to upgrade, alter or just brighten up the tender.

Cacique 35

This 35-foot tender with a sheltered centre console was designed by Judel/Vrolijk & Co who found their inspiration in the seagoing lobster boats typical for America’s East Coast. On this basis we created an open 42 knot speedboat with traditional lines that can seat several passengers safely. Creature comforts are provided by a toilet inside the centre console, an external fridge and a pantry, while the swimming platform and storage space for diving and water skiing equipment make this boat a versatile all-rounder. The boat is finished with a glossy varnish to match the classic lines.

The project

Tender 31

With a top speed of 45 knots, this tender feels like a luxury sports car for the sea. The beam offers significant loading capacity, ensures excellent floating stability and contributes to the boat’s climb on the bow wave for early planing. Up to eight passengers can enjoy this experience on sumptuous leather upholstery in bow and stern as they travel between land and mothership. Of course, the standard of all other equipment matches the superior finishing with varnished mahogany and polished stainless steel deck hardware. Two 315 hp engines and the high-tech sandwich construction deliver both speed at sea and agility in port. All in all, Lütje’s Tender 31 is the perfect calling card for even the most demanding captain of a mega yacht.

The project

Updating a 40 ft Hinckley

After 14 years as a tender for a mega yacht, this Hinckley Talaria Custom was upgraded with a blueArrow electronic waterjet control system by Hamilton of New Zealand. As this required the replacement of the two Yanmar engines, the cockpit floor had to cut open to completely remove the old hardware. Engine beds and the angle of the transom around the water outlets were also altered. Here the experience of Lütje’s owner came into play: Jan Böhm has overseen the installation of about four jet systems annually for the last couple of years

Matching the new controls, Lütje installed two new, slightly stronger six cylinder engines and the corresponding Hamilton jets. Of course, the cooling and exhaust system had to be replaced as well. After just 18 weeks, our dedicated team supported by external specialists delivered on schedule, with the finished vessel testing successfully in the waters around the boatyard. The tender could thus join the mothership just as it had completed its own refitting. Lütje is especially proud of this achievement, as we finished the renovation of a high-tech day sailer of similar length at the same time.

The Project

Alteration and optimisation of non-Lütje boats

To adequately accompany another mega yacht, Lütje beefed up a stock 36-foot vessel made by a German yard. We upgraded the tender with a removable anchor management, a wet bar in the cockpit, as well as a sturdy and elegant swimming ladder. Like the anchor, the ladder is concealed behind a hatch when not in use.

Another recent project involved the modification of a fast 44-knot tender during the time the mothership was being refitted in a German yard. A thruster was incorporated in the deep V of the bow to improve manoeuvrability of the single engine boat in narrow ports. We also used this opportunity to iron out the teething problems of the vessel’s stock electric system. To provide a fitting home for the technical improvements, we finished the job by re-spraying the hull and refurbishing the teak deck. Typically for Lütje, the 26 footer was tested and delivered before the departure of the mothership from northern Germany.