• Länge / Length:
      14,35 metres
  • Breite / Beam:
      3,80 metres
  • Tiefgang / Depth:
      2,25 metres
  • Verdrängung / Displacement:
      10 tons
  • Motor / Engine:
      Yanmar 54 HP
  • Rumpf / Hull:
      Epoxy / Glass Sandwich
  • Rigg / Rigging:
      Carbon Fiber
  • Treibstofftank / Fuel tank:
      250 liter diesel
  • Wassertank / Fresh water:
      400 liter
  • Konstruktion / construction & design:
  • Fotografie / Photography:
    Claus Reissig

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Marlene 47

The yacht designed by Judel/Vrolijk & Co is a symbiosis of the classical and modern, though for the beholder the timeless elegance of traditional sailing yachts is characteristic. The shipyard’s latest retro classic was built in a high-strength, yet light sandwich construction with epoxy resin and with its contemporary underwater profile, a modern, hydrodynamic lead keel and a large sailing surface it represents extraordinarily high speed potentials. Marlene 47 will also draw look at any harbour.

The owner was looking for a unique and most importantly an aesthetic masterpiece with excellent sailing properties. The interior, too, is classic with deck beams and plenty of white – the typical Luetje trim, to feel at home aboard.