• Länge / Length:
      21,35 metres
  • Breite / Beam:
      5 metres
  • Tiefgang / Depth:
      3,5 metres
  • Verdrängung / Displacement:
      25 tons
  • Motor / Engine:
      Yanmar 115 HP
  • Rumpf / Hull:
      Epoxy / Carbon Sandwich
  • Rigg / Rigging:
      Carbon Fiber
  • Konstruktion / construction & design:
  • Innenraum / Interior design:
  • Fotografie / Photography:
    Nico Kraus

Yasooda 70

A top-class performance cruiser to serve as a role model. The sailing yacht made of high tech materials is a beauty from all sides and its lines show what the owner intends to do with it: far and safe travels across the seas. The shipyard’s largest sailing yacht yet was penned by Rolf Vrolijk, whose designs have won the spectacular America’s Cup twice. During its construction period of 18 months, the Yasooda became a unique, luxurious dream boat with the sailing characteristics of a racer. Yet the yacht which is artfully finished in cherry can be optimally handled by a small crew. The representative boat was designed for relaxing hours at sea and offers everything the owner residing in Singapore desired, from leather seats and a comfortable bathroom suite right down to the ice maker.