• Länge / Length:
      9,50 metres
  • Breite / Beam:
      2,95 metres
  • Motor / Engine:
      Yanmar 2x 315 HP
  • Geschwindigkeit / Speed:
      45 knots
  • Rumpf / Hull:
      Epoxy / Glass Sandwich Core 8mm Mahogany
  • Konstruktion / construction & design:
      H-P Petersen
  • Fotografie / Photography:
    Nico Kraus

Tender 31

The ride from the anchored yacht to the dinner ashore couldn’t be more stylish. The Tender 31 is a bit of a classic, topless luxury sports car on the water with dynamic handling characteristics and room for up to 8. Nobody would guess this boat is a modern, light sandwich construction, since the Tender was planked with mahogany and then elaborately varnished.

Glossy mahogany, leather cushions, premium fittings and a control station with classic round gauges make this boat an object of desire in any harbour. To ensure the Tender easy to manoeuvre even in tight harbours, the owner requested two motors to turn the boat on the spot.