• Länge / Length:
      9,15 metres
  • Breite / Beam:
      2,65 metres
  • Tiefgang / Depth:
      0,50 metres
  • Verdrängung / Displacement:
      3,6 tons
  • Motor / Engine:
      Yanmar 2x 240 HP
  • Geschwindigkeit / Speed:
      40 knots
  • Rumpf / Hull:
      Epoxy / Glass Sandwich
  • Treibstofftank / Fuel tank:
      600 liter diesel
  • Wassertank / Fresh water:
      80 liter
  • Konstruktion / construction & design:
  • Fotografie / Photography:
    Markus Heimbach

Minna 30

The Classic Coaster 30 S is more than just a sporty day cruiser. Ideal for the coastal region, with excellent driving characteristics, also optimally suitable for driving on lakes and rivers. The small hatch cabin has a separate WC room, seating or reclining opportunity for spontaneous overnight stays or for resting. There is storage space, a cooler box and sufficient space in the cockpit for relaxing or just sitting comfortably and enjoying the company of guests.

Classic Coaster 30 Open The “open version” of the Classic Coaster 30 has the same ideal driving characteristics as the “CC 30 Sport”. The difference is a small cabin superstructure and therefore higher headroom in the front cabin. There is space for your stay on board and the possibility of even spending a long weekend on the boat. You can design the cockpit and interior fit-out individually with our help according to your requirements. Choose the engine that best suits your needs.

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